Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Modest Proposal

As you surely know, Mr. Keeley and I are feverishly preparing for the release of Marmaduke. In these final days before the marvelous occasion, we feel that we must redouble our efforts. After all, intense study of 54 years worth of daily cartoons is quite time consuming. The delicate lines of the illustrations, the writing's subtle critique of dog-human relations, and all of Marmaduke's unique complexities demand hours of contemplation.

Frankly, we at Me and Matt on Media know our place; with the film event of the year happening in mere days, we do not expect many of you to make the time to read our blog. So, we are taking the week off – humbly stepping aside in honor of this landmark cultural moment.

In lieu of our thoughts, we invite you to share your own. What are you doing to prepare? What does the film mean to you? How has the franchise brought you closer to your own canine companion? Hopefully, your input will allow this blog to become a community of sorts for Marmaduke lovers, and we will be able to embark on this experience together.

Regular posts will resume this weekend with Mr. Keeley's initial reaction to the film – the first in a twelve-part series that will meticulously deconstruct it. Until then, the floor is yours.

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