Thursday, June 4, 2009


Me and Matt on Media has been your one-stop source for entertainment media criticism for months now, but we have realized that we are not reaching the same audience we had hoped. To help this wonderful blog grow, we have brought in a new writer: my good friend, Matt Keeley. He will provide what I consider to be a fresh viewpoint that is much more in tune with what the hip, modern, tech-savvy, 18-24 year old male wants to hear about. He will be reporting on topics that we believe you, our readers, truly care about, such as sports, drinking games and celebrity nipple slips.

Faithful readers, however, need not fear! These topics will be tackled with the same critical, dry wit that you have come love. I can assure you that MaMoM will only become bigger and better with the addition of Matt to our team. So, I invite you all to welcome him and embrace the next incarnation of this wonderful blog.

Peace Out,

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